Shaping minds and changing the future – teaching issues of partner violence

Post date: Jul 28, 2011 2:17:15 PM

Recently Rainbow Response was contacted by a teacher who teaches middle school health and utilizes our resources page when teaching on domestic violence. Ms Gracie Lee and her students suggested we add a resource in which they found helpful in their learning process.

While this page has limited information, the information it provides describes some of the complications facing victims of partner violence. However, what I find most encouraging about this site is that it is a post from a dating website. Yes, we all know we have been down that road. The advent of internet based technology, the mobile web, and endless phone apps has led to an increasing use in dating sites for people to find and meet others. I will admit that I myself am a member of a dating site. That being the case, I find the fact that this website has a link to a page on dating violence yet another positive step in the movement to increase public awareness and ultimately reduce the incidents of partner violence.

For me however, what is more exciting than a dating site including information on dating violence is the fact that 7th graders are contacting Rainbow Response to add a resource that they have found helpful to their learning process. I whole heartedly believe that education is key to ensuring that communities, families, and survivors have the knowledge to mobilize and advocate for a world without partner violence.

Rainbow Response is honored to have been contacted by Ms. Lee’s class and would like to thank them for setting such a wonderful example for their peers. We wish the best to Ms. Lee and her students as they continue to learn and educate others on this important issue. Education is an important foundation in the fight to rid the world of partner violence. Rainbow Response hopes that others can learn from the positive example Ms. Lee and her students’ set in ensuring the reality that ALL those impacted by partner violence are included in the educational dialogue.

Paul Ashton


Rainbow Response